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About Us

At Stream Bio we expertly design and manufacture innovative nanoimaging products to address the longstanding problems within the life science industry using our superior Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles (CPNs™).

Working with key partners, at Stream Bio we design, develop and manufacture revolutionary bioimaging products and markers based on our unique Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles (CPNs™). The technology was invented in the research labs of King’s College London by Professor Mark Green. After realising the potential, Stream Bio was founded as the vehicle through which to demonstrate the wide-ranging applications of CPNs™ to the world.

Our approach combines a forward-thinking attitude with industry expertise in both science and business. We do this to create solutions for the various strands of the life science industry, starting with a range of imaging reagents such as those used in flow cytometry, leading to diagnostics and therapeutics.

In Vitro Imaging

CPNs™ are non-toxic, immensely bright and able to target very small amounts of material. They offer significant photostability, maintaining brightness for years.

Find out more about our available in vitro products here.

In Vivo Imaging

As CPNs™ are non-toxic, they bring all the beneficial features of our in vitro products to in vivo imaging.

CPNs™ have magnetic iron oxide (or alternatively with gadolinium) in the core, which gives the potential for many multi-modal imaging applications. This includes combined fluorescence and MRI, or infrared and MRI utilising our IR CPNs™ that are currently under development.

“..the development of heavy metal free, high-quality SWIR emitters will be the next challenge in order to bring SWIR imaging into clinical settings.”

Source: Bruns, O. T. et al. Next-generation in vivo optical imaging with short-wave infrared quantum dots. Nat. Biomed. Eng. 1, 0056 (2017)


We are working with partners to research multifaceted techniques that target and deliver safer treatments.

CPNs™ can be developed to enable the activation of drugs at a specific site, eliminating unnecessary drug activation outside of a targeted zone, and the imaging capability shows clearly the site or area where a drug is delivered. Utilising CPNs™ in therapeutics can therefore potentially reduce the severe side effects associated with some treatments.


Our CPNs™ can be uniquely conjugated for the precise identification of almost any protein or cell type. The versatile surface enables targeting molecules such as antibodies and proteins to be bound, facilitating highly sensitive detection.

This sensitivity combined with the immense fluorescence emitted by CPNs™ can strongly detect even the most minute amount of material.

Environmental detection

CPNs™ can be developed to precisely detect and give an alert to otherwise invisible threats.

The unique properties of CPNs™ give the potential for the development of fluorescent alert systems to detect chemical and biological contaminations for effective threat evaluation.

If you’d like to know more about CPNs™ and about working with us to develop bespoke techniques and products, please contact us via the form below.